Gate Geek – Lt. Scott is not a horn dog

Poor Brian J Smith.  Stargate fans are capable of some major angsting, but he has been on the receiving end of much collective fandom crap for the perception that his character, Lt. Scott, runs around all Captain Kirk-like.  But he asks you to put it into some perspective. 

The article is all about how things went in the first half of Season 1 (conveniently available now on DVD).  And it even includes video of him answering a question from his mom, who just can’t seem to get a copy of the poster of her son used to tease the show.  (Ed. – Someone help this poor woman out!)

For those who are having trouble waiting for the show to start up again, The Hiatus Project is in full swing.  (No haters allowed.)

Gate Geek – Scandal Rocks the Franchise

Whether or not you watch Stargate, you’ve probably heard that Stargate Universe is a very different entry for the franchise.  This has been met with both extensive praise and much gnashing of teeth

WB didn’t do terribly much to help their cause when they insulted the existing fans with their press release announcing a new demographic was being targeted.  Oh.  And did we mention this came out the day after they cancelled Stargate Atlantis?  This started a wave of angst at levels not previously seen in the franchise.  (And fans are capable of some great levels of angst.)  One can assume (or at least hope) this was not intended as an insult, but that’s how it was received.

The cast and crew have done quite a bit to reach out to the fans with a whole-sale assault on Twitter and Facebook.  But unfortunately, the segment of fandom who can’t seem to phrase an opinion without a personal attack have gone after these folks in a major way; forcing one of the main actors (Brian J. Smith) to decide he’s stepping away from an online presence.  (Definitely for the hiatus.  Possibly longer.)

Producer Joe Mallozzi, who has long allowed people to express a certain level of these opinions on his blog, has spoken out about this.  He stands up for his cast and crew (and their families) and reminds people that you don’t have to like a show, but you don’t personally attack the Stargate family.

To that I say “Bravo.”  Enjoying the anonymity of being online is no excuse for not behaving with civility.

Gate Geek – A lil’ of this, a lil’ of that

It’s me!  The world’s worst internet reporter catching up, yet again, with the news.  Let’s just do this quickly, shall we?

The more techno-savvy cast of Stargate Universe have been doing what they can to generate enthusiasm.  (And I’m starting to see the tides turning, all you Stargate skeptics!)

It will be good.  I have faith.

Gate Geek – New cast member gets really excited

Now, everyone giving Stargate Universe a hard time should stop and appreciate the enthusiasm coming into this project (well, if Brian J. Smith is any indication).  The brave man takes his first step into fandom by granting an interview with GateWorld.  He can’t be all bad, though.  He admits to being a “Trekkie.” <sic>

In related news, writer Joseph Mallozzi shares that Robert Carlyle will get to keep that lovely accent for the show.  (Ahh…Scottish accents on Stargate.)

Those still mourning Atlantis and worrying about the fate of her actors will be happy to know that David Hewlett appears to be making progress on his sci-fi comedy Starcrossed first featured in his movie A Dog’s Breakfast.  Keep your fingers crossed it makes it out of Development Hell.  We don’t need any more ghost shows on SciFi.

Gate Geek – Daniel helps launch SGU

It looks like we’re going to be seeing Daniel Jackson in the premiere of Stargate Universe.  Michael Shanks told SciFi Wire that he’s been approached to do the cameo thing. 

Speaking of SGU, a good way to start accepting the new SGU gang will be to catch actor Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott) during his guest stint on Law & Order on February 11th.

And, in spite of the rumors going through the worried internet denizens, Michael Shanks is talking about the movies coming up.  (More RDA!  More RDA!) Can we all stop worrying about not seeing our SG1 or SGA faves again?  Those actor contracts will come along soon enough.

In other Stargate news, GateWorld interviews Connor Trinneer.  (Don’t look if you haven’t seen Prodigal, yet!)

Gate Geek – More Stargate Hunks

Continuing on with the Stargate 90210 theme, the new additions to the Stargate Universe cast (joining Robert Carlyle) are certainly not totally lacking the looks department.  (I can totally get behind a little eye candy, if the stories are also good.)

  • Justin Louis – Will be Colonel Everett Young.  And he’s actually ::gasp:: married!  (In a Stargate show?!  No one gets married and lives.)
  • David Blue – Who I loved, loved, loved in Ugly Betty, will play Eli Wallace.  He’s a total slacker who is your basic genius.  (I wonder if the threat of citrus works on him?)
  • Jamil Walker Smith – Sr. Sgt. Ronald Greer, “a Marine with a temper you don’t want to mess with.”  The edgy, mysterious one.  TV Guide has a picture.
  • Brian J. Smith – Lt Matthew Scott; the inexperienced one who is thrust into leadership before his time.

Now, if MGM and SciFi would just learn that they’re annoying the established fans with this whole “edgier and younger in tone” crap, they might bring along more old fans to the new show.