Gate Geek: Comings and goings

After 14 years, the much-beloved producer/writer/director Robert Cooper will be leaving the Stargate production house.  Cooper is responsible for the much-beloved episodes “200,” “Vegas” and “Unending;” to name just a few.

In other goings, the Official Stargate Magazine will be closing down in September.  (Its publisher, Titan, is the same company that puts out Star Wars Insider.)  Given the changes in the publishing world where fan magazines can’t pass on news anymore, this is kinda not surprising.

In happier news, fans of Richard Dean Anderson will be pleased to learn that he’s coming out of “retirement” (has he ever really stopped working?) for a recurring role on USA’s “Facing Kate.”

Gate Geek – I see interesting things

I really need to do these more often.  Lots of news flying, these days.

Prepare to be astounded.  Stargate Universe is going to feature an openly gay character for the first time; in addition to being “dark and edgy.”  (The cast does not appear to be as dark and edgy, though.  If you’re not already following them, cast members David Blue and Brian Jacob Smith have been Twittering up a storm and seem like a lot of fun.)

So this gay thing is not entirely new.  It has already been said that at least one of the Atlantis characters was gay, but they never put it on screen.  And there may be others.

Maybe they’ll do that in the “some day soon” version of the Atlantis movie?  (Joe Mallozzi has been working on the script.)  But apparently MGM is being a bit wishy-washy about the timing for this and the next SG1 project.

In spend-some-money news, there is a preview of the Teal’c animated maquette on i09 that is entirely too cute.  (Words rarely associated with Teal’c.)

You can also spend your money to have lunch with Richard Dean Anderson to benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance.

And in yet still unrelated news, big, um, congrats to the incredibly talented Christopher Hyerdahl for being cast in the next Twilight movie.  May you not be overrun by Twihards.

Gate Geek – Jack’s Back!

This week is the biggest Stargate convention of the year:  Creation’s Stargate con in Vancouver.  So it stands to reason we’ll be getting lots of fun tidbits via GateWorld.

Best of all is the news from producer Brad Wright that Jack (Richard Dean Anderson) will be appearing in Stargate Universe!

Gary Jones has also confirmed that everyone’s favorite Chevron-counter, Walter, will be appearing. 

And rumors (totally con-based rumors…and you know how those get) are swirling that Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) and Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter) are also appearing because they suddenly had to push back their appearance at the con for filming.  (Probably have to nix at least Amanda on that one.  Sanctuary is currently in production.  And Michael is doing a pilot.  But I’ll take it, if it’s true!)

Either way, you can catch all of these folks tonight (Friday) on Sci-Fi SyFy as Stargate takes over this Friday with airings of The Ark of Truth and Continuum.  (If you haven’t seen Continuum, watch.  It’s a really good one!)

Gate Geek – Newsbits

Well, look who’s been a bit lazy!  So what’s been happening around the Gate, lately?

Gate Geek – Daniel helps launch SGU

It looks like we’re going to be seeing Daniel Jackson in the premiere of Stargate Universe.  Michael Shanks told SciFi Wire that he’s been approached to do the cameo thing. 

Speaking of SGU, a good way to start accepting the new SGU gang will be to catch actor Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott) during his guest stint on Law & Order on February 11th.

And, in spite of the rumors going through the worried internet denizens, Michael Shanks is talking about the movies coming up.  (More RDA!  More RDA!) Can we all stop worrying about not seeing our SG1 or SGA faves again?  Those actor contracts will come along soon enough.

In other Stargate news, GateWorld interviews Connor Trinneer.  (Don’t look if you haven’t seen Prodigal, yet!)

Gate Geek – One Big Happy

Since I’m a romantic sap, I’m going to kick off this week’s update with pictures from David Hewlett‘s wedding to The Lovely (TM) Jane Loughman.  Being a true geek, David knew the importance of getting coverage out online before horrible camera phone pictures snuck out.  Best wishes to them both!

More pictures, but this time of the official variety with the official promo shots for Season 5.

While Stargate Atlantis enjoys a hiatus before its July 11th return, the official site teases us about Continuum by posting a video touting the return of the great Richard Dean Anderson.

Do Good of the Week – More auction fun!

This week’s geeky auction fun is brought to you by the Waterkeeper Alliance. Apparently there are a lot of celebrities who are supporting it, so dig on into it to see who’s offering. (Some mighty cool vacation opportunities, as well!)

Of geek interest:

How did they score so much geek cred? One of the organization’s biggest supporters is Richard Dean Anderson. He MacGyvered them into it, I’m sure.

Thanks to James and The Browncoats for the heads up!