Original creators to reboot Stargate with new film trilogy


This is when Dunc rolls her eyes and lets me post something about Stargate.

So it has been announced that the Stargate franchise is going to get the reboot treatment with a trilogy of movies. Coming back to the franchise will be the creators of the original film, Roland Emmrich and Dean Devlin.

Their announcement seems to indicate they will be going back to their own ideas for the new films. They have said many times in the past that they did not like the direction the TV shows took, so one can expect that canon to be blown up pretty quickly.

Whether or not this will work for or against these films is anybody’s guess. While there are many fans who enjoyed the original film, it was the humor and snark of the TV series that seemed to be at the heart of the love for the TV franchise. That’s not much evident in the original film. Still, the TV franchise got a bit bogged down towards the end, so a fresh start might be just what folks want.

As with all reboots, only time will tell.

New Stargate game being voiced by original actors

SG1 UnleashedLet’s dust off the old Stargate hat and share some actual news.

It’s been announced that a mobile game called Stargate SG-1: Unleashed will be released in March.

So far, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks have confirmed they have provided some voice work for the game. It’s assumed (but not confirmed) that Christopher Judge has also participated, since T’ealc appears to play a big role in the game.

The game will be released in stages and will be available for both Apple and Android.

If we can’t get a new show or movie out of MGM, at least we can enjoy this!

Stargate Best-Lock toys imminent

Club Jader Michelle gives a heads up about incoming toys for the Stargate franchise.

First spotted on the Sears Canadian website, GateWorld has confirmed with the company, Best-Lock, that they will be releasing four sets to Canada and the US late fall 2012, just in time for your holiday wish list.

Compatible with Lego brand toys, these sets will allow you to build scenes from Abydos and pretty much any other world you’d care to pretend for what appears to be a far lower price point.

It also appears that this company is pursuing licenses with other franchises, so your building fun might not be limited to just Stargate. More announcements are expected at the Dallas Toy Fair in October.

Gate Geek: New Stargate project teased

Fandom insanity is at fever pitch after a producer teased an upcoming Stargate project at the Creation Stargate convention over the weekend.

Darren Thomas is apparently affiliated with an app development company and said the announcement would be made at San Diego Comic Con.

Michael Shanks and Ivon Bartok took things up a notch by teasing each other on Twitter about what the project really is. But they have since clarified that if it’s a live action type thing, neither of them has been contacted to be involved.

Since it’s an app development company, I’m not confident it will be much beyond a comic thing at most. But it’s nice to have something new in Stargate.

Gate Geek: Stargate Rewatch prewatch

In order to get over our depression celebrate the awesomeness that was Stargate (well, most of the time), GateWorld is starting up the Stargate Rewatch project in which the community works its way through every single Stargate episode as a group.

As a sort of practice run, they are doing a community viewing of the Stargate movie that started it all, this week.

So dry off your tear-soaked DVDs and start reliving the fun and agony that was Stargate with your fellow fans.

Hopes for Stargate movie gone

Stargate Creator and Executive Producer Brad Wright announced at Creation’s Stargate convention in Vancouver that attempts to finance ongoing movies for the franchise have fallen apart in the wake of the Stargate Universe cancellation.

Given the amount of time that this has been dragging out, it’s not entirely surprising, but still a little sad that the final decision has been made.

Still, you have to give props to a franchise  that lasted fifteen years and produced some truly iconic episodes of sci-fi brilliance out of a movie that didn’t exactly tear up the box office. And there is surely precedent for a franchise to be revived after time has rendered many nostalgic. (Can you say Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, anyone?)

So dust off those DVD’s and give a salute to a great franchise. See you on the other side of the ‘Gate!

Gate Geek: Comings and goings

After 14 years, the much-beloved producer/writer/director Robert Cooper will be leaving the Stargate production house.  Cooper is responsible for the much-beloved episodes “200,” “Vegas” and “Unending;” to name just a few.

In other goings, the Official Stargate Magazine will be closing down in September.  (Its publisher, Titan, is the same company that puts out Star Wars Insider.)  Given the changes in the publishing world where fan magazines can’t pass on news anymore, this is kinda not surprising.

In happier news, fans of Richard Dean Anderson will be pleased to learn that he’s coming out of “retirement” (has he ever really stopped working?) for a recurring role on USA’s “Facing Kate.”

GateWorld declares “no more” for the haters

In a move long overdue for those Stargate fans who have long avoided the Wild West atmosphere of the GateWorld forums, founder Darren Sumner is making some changes.

  • The forums will be more distinctively split between series to better coral the fans of each.
  • Moderators will be less tolerant of disrespect and those who just appear to be wanting to pick fights to see how much they can get away with.
  • Some articles will not allow comments.

As someone who ran from those boards a long time ago because of this kind of behavior, I’m glad to see this move.  Here’s hoping it’s enforced well so that people who, oh, actually like the show, can gather with others who feel the same.

Bravo, Darren!