Stargate Best-Lock toys imminent

Club Jader Michelle gives a heads up about incoming toys for the Stargate franchise.

First spotted on the Sears Canadian website, GateWorld has confirmed with the company, Best-Lock, that they will be releasing four sets to Canada and the US late fall 2012, just in time for your holiday wish list.

Compatible with Lego brand toys, these sets will allow you to build scenes from Abydos and pretty much any other world you’d care to pretend for what appears to be a far lower price point.

It also appears that this company is pursuing licenses with other franchises, so your building fun might not be limited to just Stargate. More announcements are expected at the Dallas Toy Fair in October.

4 Replies to “Stargate Best-Lock toys imminent”

  1. Toys for a franchise that is, for all intents and purposes, dead? Were they making toys when the shows were still on? Was Stargate ever even a big show with kids?

    …I don’t get it. But then, the popularity of SG has always puzzled me.

  2. The dead franchises seem to be the niche they’re going after, if the rumors are correct. There was some talk about Terminator.

    They didn’t do much in the way of toys for Stargate, but I could imagine that kids are the up and coming market for the franchise, since it’s in syndication. Plus, there are a lot of us Stargate fans who behave like kids and would love to play with these sets. :)

  3. There is a huge fanbase for this franchise and it was poorly marketed by MGM in relation to toys. Figures for this franchise are selling for several hundred dollars as are models of the ships, which are very hard to find. Lego never jumped on this franchise, their loss, and fans have been customising lego and winning shows all around the world. Now there is finally, a company trying to meet the demand, you only have to go to the Gateworld forum and look at how many hits that post has had to see this will be highly profitable to Best-Lock. Incedently, the Stargate Franchise, is the longest running Scifi series ever, to-date.

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