Hopes for Stargate movie gone

Stargate Creator and Executive Producer Brad Wright announced at Creation’s Stargate convention in Vancouver that attempts to finance ongoing movies for the franchise have fallen apart in the wake of the Stargate Universe cancellation.

Given the amount of time that this has been dragging out, it’s not entirely surprising, but still a little sad that the final decision has been made.

Still, you have to give props to a franchise  that lasted fifteen years and produced some truly iconic episodes of sci-fi brilliance out of a movie that didn’t exactly tear up the box office. And there is surely precedent for a franchise to be revived after time has rendered many nostalgic. (Can you say Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, anyone?)

So dust off those DVD’s and give a salute to a great franchise. See you on the other side of the ‘Gate!

2 Replies to “Hopes for Stargate movie gone”

  1. Good point there, both Trek and Galactica were venerable oldies by the time of their real revivals (although Treks had so many I think it’s on some kind of sci-fi iron lung).
    Was never a huge SG fan – appreciated what I saw when I caught it but it never quite clicked for me like BSG, Trek or Firefly – but it certainly had it’s audience and, with it’s numerous TV films, series and spin-off’s reminds me greatly of Bab 5, which was HUUUUUUGE (especially here in the UK) but eventually faded into the night.
    I feel SG has life left in it, it just needs a Trek-style 5 years of down time. Then I think we’ll be seeing more from the franchise.

  2. I don’t often stop and think about just how far Stargate has gone since the movie…and then I saw French Stewart (who played Lt Ferretti) as Dr. Covel in the recent “Alliances” episode. Wow, talk about full circle!

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