Gate Geek: Stargate Rewatch prewatch

In order to get over our depression celebrate the awesomeness that was Stargate (well, most of the time), GateWorld is starting up the Stargate Rewatch project in which the community works its way through every single Stargate episode as a group.

As a sort of practice run, they are doing a community viewing of the Stargate movie that started it all, this week.

So dry off your tear-soaked DVDs and start reliving the fun and agony that was Stargate with your fellow fans.

4 Replies to “Gate Geek: Stargate Rewatch prewatch”

  1. Ooh, very nice. If I wasn’t in the middle of watching a couple of other things, (and having marathoned it a couple of times already), I’ll pass, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

  2. The discussion alone should be worthwhile; especially as we schlog our way through the first season of SG1.

    (Or am I the only one who finds that the hardest season to get through?)

  3. Very cool idea. They started doing something similar on the Something Awful forums a couple of months ago and the results were pretty neat.

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