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Rumor mill: Disney and Lucas continue to plot?

Blue Sky Disney has a bluebird friend (err, ‘Bothan Spy’) who reports that “George Lucas is working with Disney on some very interesting designs for the sequel” to Star Tours, as well as additional GFFA-themed concepts to keep it company. Not surprisingly, a big promotion for Indy IV is also in the stars for spring.

Nitpicking Star Tours

In-World Inconsistencies That Render Disneyland’s “Star Tours” Attraction At Best Inaccurate And At Worst Downright Apocryphal.

The posters advertising a “tour” to Yavin are somewhat inaccurate, as Yavin was actually a gas giant, and the Rebel base was on Yavin IV, one of the moons. Duh. They also feature a shot of Luke on a tauntaun on the poster for Hoth, as well as shots of Bespin, but the ride itself renders that nonsensical, since the tour clearly takes place during the Battle of Yavin, before the Alliance relocated to Hoth or anyone went to Cloud City. Again: Duh.