New Star Tours to feature 3-D and podracing in 2011

So I guess the only question I have is… Why didn’t they do this back in 2001?!? (Waiting on better 3-D? Possible competition from Universal’s upcoming Harry Potter project?)

The DisneylandNews Twitter says: “Disney Parks is going to do things with “Star Tours” that have never been done before in theme park attractions.” I’m also hearing on Twitter that it won’t JUST be pod racing, but not from any of the official sources yet. The OC Register blog is now reporting:

In a press conference after the presentation, Rasulo said new destinations, like the one shown, would be part of the new Star Tours. Rasulo said the ride would undergo physical changes, but the simulator carriages would remain. Riders will don 3D glasses for the new experience.

ETA: More on and video of the presentation.

One Reply to “New Star Tours to feature 3-D and podracing in 2011”

  1. That’s…interesting. The pod-race sequence is visually quite good, and could make an interesting ride, but it doesn’t seem right for something called, well, Star Tours. Perhaps it will just be a smaller segment, like the Death Star assault in the original ride, but that implies a prequel-era revamp to me, and I’d much prefer that they keep it in the Rebellion era.

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