A Star Tours 2.0 announcement in September?

That’s what TFN is speculating, based on word that costumed Star Wars fans and “Imperial dignitaries” will be in attendance at Disney’s D23 Expo next month. (Disney World Star Tours photo by Michael Sauers.)

And while I’m not sure I want to face the possibility, we have heard Orlando (aka ground zero for Disney World) brought up in the list of sites that were being considered for C5. Not that I’m encouraging anyone to get their hopes up (again,) but you never know… (SERIOUSLY: Do not count on it. I’m just grasping at straws here.)

ETA: Evidence!

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  1. While some people may say that Orlando may be the worst place for CV, I think that it will be good because I am always in school when the celebration event is. Also, It will be an easy trip for me since I live in Palm Harbor Fl, which is only a few hours away from Orlando. All that needs to happen now is for a site in Orlando to get picked with a date near the end of the school year, when it will be easy for me to come on the weekend and then come back and take my final exams. This worked out perfectly for Star Wars weekends, I hope it will be the same for CV.

  2. i live in Florida as well, and it would be nice to have something so close. plus, the last 2 celebrations have been on the west coast

  3. C4 was L.A.; C3 was Indianapolis, which isn’t on the west coast by anyone’s calculations. (Unless you mean Celebration Japan, which… Well. It’s closer to California than Florida, I guess.)

    Anyway, DO NOT count on any C5 announcement being made. Please. I’m just speculating.

  4. We can just hope and pray for an anouncenent to be made that it will be in Orlando. Who knows maybe that’s the reason why the ” Imperial dignateries” and the 501st are going to be there, or maybe it is just the Star Tours update, it could also be both.

  5. Sorry just excited that Orlando is being considered as a site for CV, wouldn’t you be if it could be near your house?

  6. Considering the unholy mess downtown Detroit’s only convention center of size is in at the moment, no. It’s probably big enough, but I’m pretty sure LFL can aim higher than a venue that supplies its own con crud.

    And Michigan in the summer is almost as bad as Florida, sans the giant bugs. (Though maybe Cobo has those, too!)

  7. If they do announce that it is in Orlando, I will stock up on pictures to get signed and book a room at the hotel that is closest to the convention center. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should bring for Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac to sign?

  8. As for the bugs I’d say that the bugs should not be a problem because fans will not mind a few bug bites to come for CV, and also CV will held inside like CIV was so there is really no need to worry about bugs at all.

  9. Yeah, the surface of the sun is practically palatial compared to Florida – it lacks the humidity.

  10. It would be more humid if CV was held north more because it is gets more humid as you go north; especialy during the summer months of June, July, and also in late May. We are now only few weeks away from the anouncement that will answer if the “Imperial dignateries” and the the 501st came for the CV anouncement, the Star Tours update, or both.

  11. Both Lucasfilm and Disney are very secretive with their projects, and it is very likely that there is no information anywhere of CV being hosted in Orlando so that it is a special surprise to fans when it is announced.

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