Today in Celebration V: Ralph revealed, Last Tour detailed

The ‘lost’ Star Wars artwork of Ralph McQuarrie will be on display at Celebration. The pieces – discovered due to a furnace repair too late to make The Art of Ralph McQuarrie – include “design work on characters, creatures, spacecraft, weapons and worlds.”

4 Replies to “Today in Celebration V: Ralph revealed, Last Tour detailed”

  1. God, I cannot even begin to express how depressing I find the shutdown/revamp of Star Tours. I look forward to seeing what they do with it next, but I’ve always had a wish to take my nonexistent future-children to MGM Studios for Star Tours and The Great Movie Ride.

    Just another reason to lament not making Celebration this year.

  2. Dang. Now the Star Tours party is starting to sound fun.

    I just need to remind myself it’s still in Florida. In August.


  3. The good thing about Last Tour is you’ll be sharing the area with only fellow fans… that’s the bad thing too – high concentration of people in a small area all wanting to do the same thing at the same time. That’s what happened at Night of a Thousand Wizards. Plus we lost an hour+ of park time waiting for Universal IoA to be cleared & set up for the event. And at 1am it was still OMG hot.

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