Take a ‘Last Tour to Endor’ at Celebration V

Disney is taking the old Star Tours up for one last go-round as a part of the Celebration festivities. But is the ride worth $75, even with the nostalgia factor and extra events? Still, I doubt they’ll have trouble selling tickets.

5 Replies to “Take a ‘Last Tour to Endor’ at Celebration V”

  1. Well it does include evening entrance to the park. And it is cheaper than the same sort of thing that Universal is doing with Harry Potter World & folks attending Infinitus.

  2. It’s not too bad considering you get in at 4 PM and you get transportation to/from the con site too.

    I was hoping to hit a park, and honestly, late evening is about the only time to do it with the heat and sun!

  3. I’m torn. I know the ride would make me barf, but the other stuff is kinda nifty.

    But it’s outside. In Florida. In August. And it’s $75.

    Maybe there’ll be another Saturday night event at the con?

  4. You’re not just paying $75 for the ride – you’re paying for the chance to experience an exclusive party-like event with your fellow CV fans. Worth every penny of the $75 and whole lot more IMO.

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