Sunday funnies: Star Wars Halloween costumes for Community

It’s that time of year when TV shows make their annual Halloween episodes, and we see our beloved sitcom characters show off their awesome costume making abilities. NBC’s Community has done a couple Halloween episodes, and while the show is full of Star Wars references, we haven’t seen any full Star Wars costumes by the main cast during trick-or-treat season (Abed did channel a bit of Han Solo as his man-with-no-name gunslinger in the most recent paintball outing). So, if the folks at Greendale Community College had to go with Star Wars for their Halloween theme, which characters would they pick?

Here’s my picks for the main characters for Community:

  • Jeff Winger – He’d probably think he’s too cool for Star Wars and he’d probably be lazy when push came to shove, and want to impress the ladies, so he’d just throw on a vest, a white shirt, and blue pants and claim he’s Han Solo.
  • Annie Edison – As the youngest, she might pick a prequel character at first and go with Padme in her Tatooine slumming duds from Episode I, but if she had to go original trilogy, my guess is Endor Leia, with the camo poncho – ready for battle, yet still feminine.
  • Shirley Bennett – Shirley would definitely pick a good guy character – while she’s crossdressed before as Jules from Pulp Fiction, I think this time, she’d go as Yoda.
  • Pierce Hawthorne – He’d go elaborate to try to impress the rest of the study group, and go for Darth Vader. Unless he didn’t get it, and goes with Khan.
  • Britta Perry – She wouldn’t want to participate in something so mainstream, but if pushed, she might go for dressing like an Ewok, and Wicket’s the best way to do that.
  • Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir – Troy and Abed would pair up like they did with the Alien / Ripley in a power loader in a previous year. C-3PO and R2-D2 would be an easy pair with a lot of dialogue for them to play with, but Troy would get tired of having to beep and whistle. Abed as Artoo and Troy as Threepio. Or if they went more technical: Troy as an AT-AT and Abed as a snowspeeder.
  • Señor Ben Chang – Chang would also go to impress, but he’s got that crazy side, and the costume would take over his personality a bit. Most likely, so no matter what he started as, maybe Boba Fett, he’d end up shirtless and laughing hysterically as Jabba the Hutt.
  • Dean Craig Pelton – Dean Pelton would dress up in not one, not two, but at least three different Queen Amidala outfits over the course of the Halloween party and call himself Dean Amidala.

What would you pick? Also, Greendale fans, check out this clip from this year’s Halloween episode of Community, with Jeff Winger growing some fangs.

3 Replies to “Sunday funnies: Star Wars Halloween costumes for Community

  1. I think you are dead on. The only additional thoughts I have are: Jeff as qui gon jinn. He’s badass, bucks the system, and a leaders.

    Troy and abed as dueling Landos. One in blue, other as a RotJ costume

    Shirley as yoda is brilliant, as is Annie as endor camo leia.

    Britta as an eu character. Mara! She secretly got hooked on the books.

    Pierce as khan is perfect! If they couldn’t, has to be Tarkin.

    Dean? That is brilliant! Perfect for him?

    Chang would so be one of those guys rocking the slave leia. You know he would…

  2. Jeff as Qui-Gon: only if he didn’t have to do anything to his hair… if he did a jedi, my gues would be TPM Obi-wan, for least amount of hair alteration.

    Chang as a male slave Leia: He just might do it, and make Dean Pelton jealous.

    Dueling Landos – awesome! i can hear it now:
    /Troy and Abed as the Landos!/

  3. I like Shirley as Yoda…but it has to be a crummy enough costume to be ambiguous. People confusing her with Kermit the Frog because she’s covered herself in green felt and can’t do the voice.

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