The Clone Wars review round-up: ‘Mercy Mission’ and ‘Nomad Droids’

This week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a rerun of ‘Prisoners’, but next week, TCW is back with a new episode. My DVR has been rather slow all week – is the lack of first run episodes a lead up to the November sweeps or is it the World Series? Anyway, here’s what the interwebs has to say about the two most recent episodes, ‘Mercy Mission’ and ‘Nomad Droids’. How do R2-D2 and C-3PO do when holding down the show?

And if you missed them, here’s the Club Jade reviews of the two episodes – Stooge wrote without mercy for ‘Mercy Mission’, and I found ‘Nomad’ no-bad.

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  1. I found the Hay-Zu/Christianity analysis to be really interesting. It seems like a pretty strong statement for Lucasfilm to make, but it is really good analysis.

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