Video: The Phantom Menace 3-D trailer

Curious about The Phantom Menace 3-D trailer, but not enough to pay to see The Three Musketeers or any of the weekend’s other 3-D offerings? TFN has a copy. TFN’s copy is kaput, but here’s a Youtube version. Found another. Cross your fingers.

Obviously it’s not in 3-D here, and the colors are a bit off – I’m told that’s a symptom of the re-conversion back into 2-D.

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  1. Wow! That brought back so many good memories. I was 12 when this came out and it rocked my world.

    Haters gonna hate, but I’m gonna spend a lot of money next spring :)

  2. I went to the Three Musketeers, but didn’t see the Star Wars trailer. The Musketeers were GREAT – it was highly entertaining, and the 3D effects were the best I’ve seen. And since I generally am not at all a fan of 3D, that’s high praise :) I don’t know if I’ll go see Star Wars in 3D or not – my big issue is that I wear glasses, and the 3D ones never fit properly, which is so annoying!

  3. I’d heard about the 2D release (it’s to accommodate – quite rightly – those folks who only have one eye and can’t view in 3D, so it’s a very cool decision)
    hadn’t thought about the colours, noticed it was a bit ‘off’ (thought it was some stylistic decision).
    Very much looking forward to it, hoping for a UK premier in February. Time to lose some weight, the tux won’t take itself out…

  4. Even though I hate the 3D prices, I will TOTALLY be going to this one.

    (By the way, did the video get removed? It looks like we now have a bad link.)

  5. Love it!!! Will definitely be taking the kid and probably go see it multiple times. Even my least favorite SW film in a theater (AotC) is still a SW film in a theater which can not be beat.

    I’m interested in seeing how the 3D turns out– just glad they are offering the 2D as well :)

  6. Yeah, Eric at TF.N first posted on Vimeo, then it was taken off. Me and him found the YouTube link, which was also stopped. Stoopid 20th Century Fox – what’s their problem?

  7. Will there be a CJ review when the film’s released? I’d like to read a review that solely covers whether the 3D is worth seeing. I already know what TPM is like, just tell me how good the visuals are.

  8. I sincerely wonder whether this release will be the true test of 3D’s staying power. If LFL released ANH first, it’d obviously be a hit. But combining TPM-apathy and 3D-backlash is a risky move. I hope it’s enough of a cash cow to justifying releasing the next five, but… well, I wonder.

    Then again, The Lion King made some good money, though that was almost certainly a lower-cost conversion.

  9. Yeah, it’s risky, Honestly, I don’t like either 3-D or TPM enough for this to be a slam dunk, for-sure thing. I’d rather see the OT first, but if this bombs and that never happens, I won’t be crying in my Cheerios.

    The Lion King was also near-universally beloved…. And there was next to no competition for their main audience: Kids. Which might also work for TPM.

    I do wonder if LFL is keeping the promotion low-key (for them) because of the TPM backlash – and the backlash the TCW movie hype received as well. They may very well lie low through the holidays – except for targeted audiences, like TCW viewers and Spike TV airings. I’m no marketer (thank god) but I think that’s a wise move for the moment. Certainly things will ramp up once things get closer to getting actual butts in seats.

    I do think it’s stupid of them not to release an official 2-D trailer for the web when they’re killing uploaded ones, though.

  10. yeah.. i remember that trailer. pink jabba!

    TPM 3D is gong to be a real test for 3D. Right now, 3D use i think is peaking out as people don’t feel that it is adding anything that much for most movies (most of my cinephile friends stick with 2D versions for most things, even things like Tron Legacy because the 3d doesn’t add enough except ticket cost). TPM needs to seriously raise the bar on 3D for it to be a success for the 3D format. i’ll go see it because it’s Star Wars and i want there to be 3D versions of the rest of the films. but if it fails to raise the bar, 3d will show that it can’t add value to existing movies.

    with lion king – did people want to go see it in 3d, or did they just want to go see The Lion King again. my guess is the latter.

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