Wear Star Wars Every Day: Force Friday Podcast Listener Challenge

As my Wear Star Wars Every Day charity fundraising campaign approaches the end of 9 months of wearing a different Star Wars-themed clothing item every day, it’s time to kick the fundraising up a notch, and Nick DiColandrea at Coffee with Kenobi has helped me find a way. In the past few months, several Star Wars podcasts, including Galactic Fashion, Skywalking through Neverland, and Coffee with Kenobi have had me as a guest to talk up my fundraising effort for Collateral Repair Project, a nonprofit that provides assistance, education, and community support for urban refugees in Amman, Jordan.

But now, Coffee with Kenobi has put out a challenge to their listeners to turn Force Friday (September 30) into a Force for good: making a one-day fundraising blitz for Wear Star Wars Every Day and Collateral Repair Project! And I’m putting out the call to other Star Wars podcasts to see who has the awesomest listeners.

So on Force Friday, September 30th, 2016, we’re having a one-day fundraising challenge. Every podcast can encourage their listeners to donate via the GoFundMe, and mention their podcast name in the comments. Nick at Coffee with Kenobi has set an ambitious goal of $500 raised just from Coffee with Kenobi listeners – who thinks that their podcast can do better than that?

So while you’re out stocking up on Rogue One merchandise, maybe toss a little bit of your Star Wars toy budget towards making life a little easier for refugees. I’ve got a cool shirt I’m saving for Force Friday, but if at least $75 gets donated, I’ll wear a bonus clothing item and post of a photo of that – a signed game-worn Durham Bulls R2-D2 jersey! (Remember, daily photos get posted on the Wear Star Wars Every Day Facebook page and on Twitter using #WearStarWarsEveryDay.

If your favorite podcast that covers Star Wars wants to show off that they have the galaxy’s best listeners, just drop me a line in the comments, or via Twitter @jamesjawa. And if that podcast wants to rally their listeners with me wearing their podcast swag if their team pulls ahead, we can arrange that!