New Rogue One posters for South Korea, Japan

At least I think that’s what the tweet is saying. I think the one on the left is for South Korea, and the one on the right is for Japan, but feel free to correct.

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    1. Thanks! I’m not familiar enough with the characters (Kanji? Or is that just for the Japanese?) to tell what the difference is.

      1. “Kanji” are the pictograms used in Chinese and Japanese (although that’s their Japanese title… I’m not sure what they are called in Chinese, actually). In the Japanese photo, that is one of their syllabries (think alphabet but for consonant+vowel) – katakana, which is used for foreign or loan words – transliterations. So they actually title the film “Ro-gu Wan” instead of translating it to something like Narazumono Ichi-ban… which is probably good.

        There. I’ve sort of used my undergrad degree in Japanese History for this month.

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