Video: Han Solo gets down in today’s ridiculously goofy Star Wars tie-in

Because the Slave Leia dance level in Star War Kinect wasn’t ridiculous enough, they made the Carbonite freezing platform a club?

How canon is this, you guys?!?

UPDATE: The reaction to this online has been such varying shades of angry-hilarious – I’ve collected a few choice tweets for later – that Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo wrote a piece on how folks need to simmer down and grow a sense of humor, a sentiment I completely agree with After all, it’s not like Star Wars has ever shied away from the boogie.

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  1. I like to think of this as an early look at George’s attempts to make the 3D re-release of Empire less “boring.” It all leads up to a prolonged freezing chamber sequence where Han explicitly tells Leia that he also loves her and asks her to marry him, so as to clear up any ambiguity that may exist in the current dialogue.

    Also, DJ Lobot is awesome.

  2. Totilo’s part about Clone Wars is great:

    “The Clone Wars is a series ostensibly made for children. I’ve seen adults turn their nose up at it for that reason. Mistake. It has the characterization and heart of the old movies, and it out-dazzles any spectacle early-Lucas ever produced. ”

    Although his next line about non-involvement cannot be more wrong.


  3. THIS makes me want to buy the game. The tong thing raising the mirror ball in the background is priceless. Here’s hoping people can still have a little fun with SW! :)

  4. People who are pissed about this should NEVER watch the Hyperspace Hoopla at Star Wars Weekends. They might implode.

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