Han slaps first: Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for the past week

Yup, it’s back, and we’re still recovering from April Fools… More serious (okay, mostly snarky) tweets beneath the cut, including J. W. Rinzler on Making of Return of the Jedi, Paul S. Kemp on carbonite, and more on parenting, programing, and Luke’s love life.

Here’s some actual, serious stuff from VIPs:

Spike was showing the movies this weekend. Among the tweets I won’t show you was one where a dude was AMAZED that Ghost!Vader was once a bald pasty dude. Yeah, I feel old now. Here’s some feel-good stuff instead:

And, okay, fine: Paul Kemp went on a little Carbonite rant during Empire.

Annnnd snark. Let’s start with some tweaks on current events…

And the pure stuff:

Whatever this is:

And finally, one cold hard fandom truth:

If you tweet about the Expanded Universe, please include the hashtag #SWEU to improve your chances of being included! If you tweet about #StarWars… Hope I have a lot of free time that day.

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