The origins of Star Wars Kinect’s infamous (and amazing) ‘I’m Han Solo’ song

New York Magazine looks into the genesis and creation of Star Wars Kinect’s “I’m Han Solo,” perhaps the best Star Wars filk since Weird Al’s “The Saga Begins”.

I’m not joking. The song is amazing, and every time I hear it I love it more.

It did cause a lot of fanbros a great deal of distress back in 2012, to which I say: Suck it. If Star Wars can’t dance (as it always has), what can?

Unsung heroes of the Rebellion: Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for the past week

The more I do these posts, the more it seems almost like a recap of the week in question… Holidays, Dancing Han angst, James Cameron snarking and more beneath the cut!

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Video: Han Solo gets down in today’s ridiculously goofy Star Wars tie-in

Because the Slave Leia dance level in Star War Kinect wasn’t ridiculous enough, they made the Carbonite freezing platform a club?

How canon is this, you guys?!?

UPDATE: The reaction to this online has been such varying shades of angry-hilarious – I’ve collected a few choice tweets for later – that Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo wrote a piece on how folks need to simmer down and grow a sense of humor, a sentiment I completely agree with After all, it’s not like Star Wars has ever shied away from the boogie.

Gaming news: Kinect Star Wars delayed, Star Wars Galaxies ending to be determined by players

Obi-wan KenobiBoth the Kinect Star Wars game and the limited edition Kinect Star Wars themed XBox 360 bundle won’t be launched for the 2011 holiday season, Microsoft announced. OXM suggests that the delay is for the best, allowing more time for game development to fix lag-related issues that would leave your Jedi defenseless. No new release date for the Artoo-Detoo skinned game console or the standalone game has been announced.

As the Star Wars Galaxies MMO heads towards shutdown, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the fate of the galaxy will be settled by the players, reports Player actions will determine whether the Empire or the Rebel Alliance will emerge victorious in the Galactic Civil War with celebrations for the winners and a chance for “going out with a bang” for the losers. Launched in 2003, Galaxies will be shutting down on December 15.

Move it, move it: First look at Kinect Star Wars

Microsoft and LucasArts will be formally announcing the game Kinect Star Wars today at E3 in Los Angeles. Entertainment Weekly has a preview, as well as some details on setting:

Kinect Star Wars will include a variety of modes set in various corners of the vast Star Wars universe established by the two trilogies. In the “Jedi Destiny” mode — which will be showcased at E3 — you play one of several new characters in a story that begins shortly after the events of Star Wars: Episode One — The Phantom Menace and concludes against the backdrop of Chancellor Palpatine’s rise to power on Star Wars: Episode Three — Revenge of the Sith. However, the story will take players into environments glimpsed or referenced in the original trilogy (episodes four through six), including Bespin, the giant gas planet that’s home to Cloud City (see: The Empire Strikes Back). Judging from a video posted by Microsoft-affiliated developer Terminal Reality, the game will also allow you to square off against Darth Vader himself. Good luck with that.

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