Unsung heroes of the Rebellion: Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for the past week

The more I do these posts, the more it seems almost like a recap of the week in question… Holidays, Dancing Han angst, James Cameron snarking and more beneath the cut!

There was some sort of holiday going on this weekend…

Per usual, they showed The Ten Commandants! The Charlton Heston one, because I refuse to acknowledge that any other version of the story exists.

What does it take to make a whole lot of Star Wars fans really mad? Make Han Solo dance, of course! Here’s a selection of some of the hilarity:


Voices of reason! Well, sort of.

Paging Aaron Allston:

And since we’re #SWEUing it up….

So, about the Essential Guide to Warfare

This is actually kind of neat:

The 3-D rerelease of Titanic lead to some inevitable snarking:

Also, hard truth:

And finally, completely random hilarity:

And to go off-topic a little… I would totally watch this TV show: