Video: My Little Pony’s tribute to A New Hope

This morning’s new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic featured a fairly blatant take on the throne room scene from Star Wars. I admit to generally being more of the jaded eye-rolling type when it comes to this sort of thing, but this one took me completely off guard. (There’s something delightfully ironic about it ending a story featuring a villain voiced by a Star Trek guy.) I’m totally taking this as a personal shoutout, reality of production schedules be damned.

Thanks to Dan Wallace, for finding this comparison!

5 Replies to “Video: My Little Pony’s tribute to A New Hope

  1. How the heck do hoofed animals make stained glass? And did anyone check to see if all 6 got put into the glass piece… it’d be a hoot if one of them ended up like Chewie.

  2. They all are in the glass.. John delancey was awesome as discourse and the tribute is awesome! ESP as it synchs up so perfectly! Would be interesting to find out if it was purpose or not, hard to argue it wasn’t!

  3. James: The answer to that question is always unicorn magic. Always.

    Eliz: The comparison footage is edited, but only for time. All the parts are in the right order.

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