Star Wars saga Blu-ray has made $84M – so far

Even the latest controvery over changes to the original trilogy couldn’t keep the Blu-rays down. Star Wars: The Complete Saga is Blu-ray’s biggest launch yet. The nine-disc set has made more than $84 million – 515,000 sets and $38 million in the U.S. and Canada, Variety reports.

Are sales of Blu-ray players and HDTVs seeing a notable increase, too? I’d lay even money on it.

UPDATe: Check out a great ad stunt for the Blu-rays in Tokyo.

3 Replies to “Star Wars saga Blu-ray has made $84M – so far”

  1. I’d lay my money on it too – if I didn’t have to save everything for the player I so desperately need to buy ;-P

  2. It’s one of my christmas presents in waiting. Aaron that would be good, but I was kinda hoping Lucas would retire first so someone (anyone) better than him would produce it.

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