U.K. casting call for Episode VII? Maybe?

The BBC thinks there may be an open call in the U.K. this week for Episode VII.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool is pretty sure this is for Star Wars, and their sources say that the script change is not as dramatic as was speculated in the days following the script announcement: “the same characters are being sought as several months ago” and “the building blocks of story are staying pretty much untouched.”

In any case, the listing is for two characters, one for a “street smart and strong” teen girl aged 17-18 and the other for a young man 19-23 who can “appreciate the absurdities in life.”

However, the Twitter account that broke this, @UKopencall is brand new (first tweets began Oct. 30) and hasn’t tweeted about anything else: It’s mostly spamming other accounts about these listings! (Spammers. I hate spammers.) For that reason alone I have my doubts, though the name on the account, Claire Curry, does seem to be a legitimate casting assistant. Lucasfilm did decline to comment for the BBC, and if this was false it would be an easy denial for them… And of course it could be for another Disney movie entirely. You could be the new Not-Elizabeth or Not-Will of Pirates of the Caribbean 5! Whatever the case, if you go: Be careful.

UPDATE #2: There are now open casting calls for the same roles in the U.S.

Dare to believe? The listing is below.


12 Replies to “U.K. casting call for Episode VII? Maybe?”

  1. I doesn’t matter what it is.

    It could be a sequel to “Alice In Wonderland,” or “Howard the Duck,” or “Shake It Up,” or “Willow.” It could even be “Star Wars” and be smugglers or something.

    Multitudes of people will show up in their bathrobes and playing whatever lines they’re given off as though they’re Jedi and it has to sound mysterious.

  2. I guess that’s a fake because a casting agency called “UKopencasting” does not exist. It’s just a twitteraccount, so website, no physical address.

    1. I don’t think it’s supposed to be the name of the agency – if this is in any way legit, I think they just have this assistant doing all this publicity, and a social media pro she clearly isn’t.

      And maybe they did that deliberately, for either legit or illicit purposes. It’s hard to say from this end.

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