Boba Fett is popular. You don’t say?

Apparently ‘the fans’ want more Boba Fett, according to some IGN poll I never even heard of until now.

Whatever, fanboys. I’m not going to deny that the character is insanely crowd-pleasing, if perhaps not in our circle. You can bet even money that Lucasfilm will make him the subject of one of the standalone films. But please keep him, Darth Maul, and all the other cool-looking but otherwise b-list dead dudes (at least in the movies) out of Episode VII. There’s plenty of other places for shameless pandering.

Also: Remember how he got his ass whooped in This Is Madness by Darth Vader? There may be hope for fandom after all.

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  1. an end to shameless pandering… heck yeah. But these are businessmen. Business….is business, unless you’re George Lucas.

  2. I never quite got the Boba adoration, but his comeback in Dark Empire was well executed. As were many things about Dark Empire, I might add. ;-)

  3. I’ve never gotten the popularity of Bobba Fett. How did it even start? He had barely any lines and was hardly in the original trilogy. How did he become so popular?

  4. I think Fett’s rise to cult status is a neat story by itself, and I can dig it. When I watch Empire Strikes Back, Fett is scary, he’s powerful, and he looks cool. I was down for that. I’m still down for that. Much of what came after Return of the Jedi just diluted the coolness.

    I’m reminded of something a favorite author wrote about how her fans always clamored for more books in her popular series, but she felt that what fans say they want and what fans actually want are different, and more of a good thing is not always a good thing. Alas, I can’t find it on her site.

    The thought of a Fett standalone movie doesn’t really excite me. I’d rather have something new.

  5. If they were going to do something new (assuming beyond probability that the timeline is maintained simply for relational purposes), I wouldn’t mind a Mirta Gev movie much. That depends on how they play it, of course.

    As a straight-up action movie it would probably bore me because she’d pretty much just be Boba Expy and we have plenty of those. However, if they did a more mundane, not as shooty adventure it might be easier for me to get into it. But I suppose that might be just me. I’m of the mind that wars aren’t an obligatory component to a Stars Wars story. Why couldn’t there be a story like Ghost World in the Star Wars universe, to give a random example?

    If they really are going to make Star Wars movies annual or semi-annual (which I regard as a very dumb move), they’re going to need to do more than just more shooting and action to keep the series going like that. They’ll need at least one movie (hopefully multiple) like “the one with the whales.”

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