Disney marketer: Episode VII aimed for “late 2015” release. Or not?

Dennis Barbie, a retail marketing director for Disney, tweeted today that Episode VII will be coming “end 2015,” giving some weight to the rumors that have the movie aiming for a November or December 2015 release date.

Lando, Han and the Falcon in ROTJIn the wake of last week’s report that Disney and Lucasfilm want different dates, word had it that a late 2015 date was the possible compromise.

In a later tweet Barie said it’s “planned for end of CY15 but in the entertainment business you will never know.” We’re not even penciling anything in until there’s an official announcement, but this is certainly worth noting – to help you place your bets if nothing else.

UPDATE: Later…



9 Replies to “Disney marketer: Episode VII aimed for “late 2015” release. Or not?”

    1. I’m all for that except I think the fandom may lose their damn fool minds first if they had to wait that long.

      Or: Too late.

  1. Please, just give them a bit more time, I really hope that the late 2015 date is the compromise. If not, people will literally want to kill Iger.

  2. >> Or: Too late.

    Far too late, at least in my case. To be fair, though: In my opinion, they probably shouldn’t have announced the 2015 thing in the first place, but Disney obviously had to to justify the whole takeover to their shareholders. And now it’s hanging over everyone’s heads, including my own. ;-)
    Personally, I hope they’ll release it in November or December 2015. It would be nice to turn Star Wars into the christmas event it was originally intended to be (had ILM worked its wonders a little faster).

  3. RE: the update. Gee, for a marketing guy, he sure is pretty ignorant about how social media works. (somebody got a phone call!)

  4. The OCD part of me will be forever bothered if Episode VI isn’t in May. And I don’t want them to rush it and have the movie suck. (Though time didn’t seem to help much GL with the prequels) But May 2015 is the spring I graduate from high school and would be perfect timing for me, if it’s in the fall/winter I’ll be all flustered with college stuff. Plus the waiting is just so antagonizing, I don’t know how people did it for 16 years, and then get kriffing Jar Jar and awful dialogue in return. I just have to have faith in Queen Kathy and pray that JJ doesn’t destroy another one of my precious franchises. If he screws this up, I would not be surprised if Star Wars and Star Trek fans formed a conspiracy to kill him.

    1. Let’s not go so far as to suggest that assassination is an option for making an unsatisfying movie…

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