Twelve geeky Barbie dolls, but no Star Wars

These are not Barbies. Though they are almost bobbleheads.Topless Robot lists off the 12 greatest Barbie dolls for nerds, including multiple Treks. Who better to wear those short skirts?

As we’ve already addressed many times, I’m the furthest thing there is from a collecting expert, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a legitimate Star Wars Barbie produced. (Somehow I doubt Kenner or Hasbro even allowed Mattel to think about it.) Which is really a pity, considering how many outfits the prequels produced. And yes, there is Sideshow, but there’s just something about Barbie, in all her opiate-of-the-masses glory.

3 Replies to “Twelve geeky Barbie dolls, but no Star Wars

  1. Which company made the series of Padme/Amidala dolls around Episode I?

    Well, they’re not Barbie, I guess.

  2. Mwuhah, I have #3 proudly displayed. I *love* my X-Files Barbie and Ken dolls.

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