Important questions: Space opera or military sci-fi?

io9 asks What’s the difference between space opera and military sci-fi? I won’t tell you their answer, but mine involves the fact that straight military sci-fi almost always bores me to death. You?

3 Replies to “Important questions: Space opera or military sci-fi?”

  1. In one, you could conceivably track concepts like tactics, strength, personnel, and all sorts of other geeky numbercrunchy tech stuff with a reasonable expectation of consistency and logic.

    If the other, you’re a glutton for punishment for doing so.

  2. The irony is, that makes the Zahn novels military sci-fi, and the Black Fleet Crisis space opera…

    *has crunched both*

  3. The Black Fleet Crisis are probably the most boring Star Wars novels I’ve ever read.

    Zahn, not so much. Though even his SW stuff is rather dry.

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