True confession: I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

While some Star Wars fans have eating up The Clone Wars with a spoon, I have been getting into other children’s shows. For the first couple seasons it was Avatar: The Last Airbender, but now I have (accidently) fallen into another children’s show, one even less excusable than the truly excellent Avatar.

It’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, I grew up during the first flourishing of the My Little Pony toys in the 80’s, and I had a bunch of the things. Those ponies are long gone, and I only remember one of them (because I lost her while on vacation.) But somehow I ended sucked up into this show, and next thing I know I’m subscribing to fan blogs, registering on forums, and buying tiny plastic toys.

I’m not alone: Friendship is Magic has a flourishing adult fanbase, including a surprising number of male fans, who call themselves bronies. (They are, if nothing else, an interesting counterpoint to the case of Katie the Star Wars Girl.) It gets a little ridiculous, but it’s fun. (Plus, the second season of the show – which is easy to find on Youtube – began Saturday morning.)

And then there’s the pony generator. Starting with a Mara pony last night, I’ve created a few Star Wars ones, and I’ll post the codes in the comments if you want to tweak from there.

Really, this all could have been avoided if Legend of Korra hadn’t been delayed…

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  1. Cut and paste these codes under Advanced in the pony generator to play with one of my Star Wars ponies.




    HAN’S CLOTHES (under accessories):


  2. Yes… And you just missed the toys at mcds again… Now target has exclusive figures and as I tweeted this weekend John q delancey as discourse on the new season… I’m so ready for part two since rainbow dash flew off!!!

    A work I have a picture of Hugh jack man holding mlp.

    The Hub rules at our house!

  3. Also, John de Lancie (Q from ST:TNG) voices the character Discord in the second season! Lets just pile on the geekiness! :)

  4. I had no reason to comment on this site before -but I find it appropiate that a Star Wars website would be somehow related to My Little Pony. I say this because everyone who’s a fan of that show appears to be a freakin’ Sith. “There is no escape! Don’t make us tolerate you! Watch the show with all of your cynicism, and your journey to the Equine Side will be complete!”

    It’s unnerving. I don’t mind that the fanbase is made up of a ton of 40-year-old men and not a single little girl; it happens sometimes. But why do they act as if it’s a religion, trying to “convert” everyone they run into? Are they fans or televangelists? It all reminds me of this guy I know, who keeps trying to teach Magic: The Gathering to everyone he meets. He’s nothing short of frightening.

    That said, I know a guy who’s making a series of episodic drawings where the characters have to deal with Lovecraftian monsters. It’s awesome stuff, but it’s on a website not everyone is going to be willing to check out… if anyone is curious, let me know.

  5. I’ve always been a Sith. Though my intention was not to be a fandom evangelist or anything. (even with Star Wars.) Except with the pony creator. I’ve already enlisted at least two there.

    Also, if the site you’re talking about is the one I’m thinking of… No. Even if the content you speak of is 99% innocent, I come across the disturbing side of MLP fandom maybe once every couple of days on Tumblr, and I’d rather have the silly GIFs, thank you.

  6. OMG! I love this show too! (no surprise right?) I even started a My Little Pony RPG on the JC.

  7. @Dunc

    Don’t worry, I know you’re the last person on Earth who would go THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU when discussing things like this :P But yeah, had to get that off my chest as soon as possible and this seemed like the best place after reading this post. No hard feelings, bronies :D

  8. I love some children’s shows. Some are truly excellent, better than a lot of crap on grown-up TV, A:TLA being one of them. I also really truly adore Danny Phantom. Some of them are, to use your words, “less excusable” (mine was Yu-gi-oh!) but you still find reasons to get hooked. Even when the writing is bad and/or simplistic, there can be some surprising awesomeness. Characters, humor, whatever. Sometimes I’m a little sad my kids are old enough to watch more adult TV, because I’m not being exposed to as many cartoons, and there are the occasional gems out there.

  9. One thing I really appreciate about MLP:FIM (or rather, what I’ve seen of the fandom) is that there is almost NO SHIPPING. I am so burnt out on shipping and ship-centric discussion dominating everything else, which is why I haven’t dug much into ATLA’s fandom.

  10. Which I have yet to see anyone mentioning or talking about or doing fanart for… I’m sure it’s somewhere, but it’s not dominant.

    For example: After I finished the Hunger Games books, I went into a thread on a general message board. 95% of the discussion? The mothereffing love triangle. Before I knew jack else about ATLA, I’d heard of the ship wars. THAT’S the kind of crap I’m sick of.

  11. I simply refuse to forgive them for not being classic MLPs as I had (the little chunky ones.)

    But I have Kimono’s Townhouse.

  12. I’m afraid that I also have fallen under the Bronie club under the influence of my 3 year old daughter.

  13. Holy crap, the internet moves fast. Side-by-side comparison of the Yavin medal ceremony with the episode that just aired a couple hours ago:

  14. Jennifer: I actually like the new cartoon looks better… But the new toys convey less personality than the old ones did. (Plus, they’re like, half the size.)

    I have no idea about the old cartoon though, ’cause I don’t remember a damn thing. I may have never watched it.

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