The Clone Wars goes Shark Week: ‘Water War’ and ‘Gungan Attack’

I eat bronies for breakfast.

Did you catch last Friday’s season four premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? If you didn’t, catch each half of the two-parter on the revamped ‘Water War’ and ‘Gungan Attack’. Also, get a preview of this week’s continuation of the story, ‘Prisoners’. With the shark-faced Riff Tamson on the loose, will
the Mon Calamari be served up with cocktail sauce?

At the premiere, Wired got Dave Filoni to talk about animating underwater and reflect on Ackbar’s popularity, and hints that we might see more classic trilogy characters in this season.

Meanwhile, Katie Lucas tweeted how many episodes she wrote this season: “I have four episodes this season that will be airing later in the season! I’m so excited for you guys to see them!”

And tells us why you should be watching The Clone Wars, even though Dunc wants you to watch My Little Pony.

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  1. Or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Honestly, Avatar probably has the most crossover appeal here, plus I solemnly swear that I find it a better show than Clone Wars. (Check your local Nicktoons listings!) I enjoy MLP, which is far more than I can say for CW, but it’s apples and oranges.

  2. Ha! I’ve actually seen a couple of episodes of this MLP show, and it is pretty funny. I enjoy it more than my kids, truth be told.

    BTW, are the OS episode guides/commentary gone now? That’d be a real bummer.

  3. Yeah, the lengthy episode guides got chopped in the redesign. I can kind of understand – they looked like a lot of work – but it’s a pity. The behind-the-scenes stuff was interesting.

    The galleries are shorter, too. :P

  4. I just watched these last night and was underwhelmed by the story and execution. The visuals were pretty, but both episodes focused so heavily on battles and so little on the Mon Cal prince’s character that it felt like an exercise in trying to wow audiences with shiny dancing objects.

    The Mon Cal prince was so incredibly lame as a character who wouldn’t act because he had no idea how to, and his soldiers — including Ackbar and the Jedi — had to cover for him based on either “traditions” or his complete inability to even vaguely defend himself. He showed negligible character growth.

    Furthermore, I was yanked out of the entertainment experience by Jedi and the like rocketing to the surface and down to the Mon Cal depths like it was nothing at all. I’m a trained diver, and every time I saw a Jedi or clone or whatever change depth in a split second irritated me. Every last one of those living beings should be in a decompression tank due to the extreme depth changes inducing a serious case of “the bends.”

    Is it too much to ask for just a little believability in my science fiction?

  5. Stooge: Yeah, they totally nerfed the episode summaries/BTS stuff. boo.

    Michael: i had a few nitpicks about the episode, which i will get to in my review, and while i was thinking about pressure crushing them when they got too deep, i forgot about the bends. just remember, it’s Star Wars, earth logic does not apply.

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