Trailer: The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

I’m generally not a huge fan of book trailers, but in this case it makes total sense. Enjoy! (via)

3 Replies to “Trailer: The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

  1. I still haven’t finished reading “The Making of ANH!” ACK!!!

    However, just spending a few hours looking at all the awesome pictures will be totally worth it.

  2. Top idea doing a trailer, love it. Hope Del Rey do the same for the fiction novels, so we get some CGI scenes from Fate of the Jedi (what? I can dream, can’t I?)

  3. Yeah, that’s where my squick would kick in. They did do a non-painful one for Death Troopers but you can get away with doing that with a bunch of 501sters. With actual characters? They’re not going to foot the cash, and thank god for that.

    (Remember that horrible Vector Prime commercial? Ugh, ugh. And all they really did was spring for Hamill to narrate.)

    But this was a no-brainer: You have the movie, throw in some talking heads/narration and bam. Easy, cheap, makes total sense.

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