Out this week: Insider, Dark Empire HC

Not too much excitement this week… The latest Insider should start showing up this week; I’m sure you’re looking forward to the puns. (Though don’t look for much more than that as far as CV coverage goes; That’s coming in the next issue. Isn’t print fantastic?) Wednesday, on the other hand, brings a Dark Empire trilogy hardcover, perfect for the completest in you.

6 Replies to “Out this week: Insider, Dark Empire HC”

  1. About the insider, neither of my local book stores had it, does anyone know if they changed the release date?

  2. This is based on the Diamond shipping list, so comic stores won’t get it until Wednesday.

    Bookstores MAY have it, but I’m not sure of the schedule for magazines: It might even vary from chain to chain.

    I misworded the post: Beware distracted blogging.

  3. I’ll check again tomorow, what’s strange is that all the last times the store had it on the day it was said to be releases, but anyways

  4. It’s on the shipping list. With comics, a lot of times the publisher’s dates are more like suggestions. I never put a comic in a releases post unless it’s on the shipping list, no matter what the publisher says.

    I don’t even pay attention to what DH’s site says. I believe Randy said once on the DH boards that once something goes to the printer, the best they can do is guesstimate. But they’ve had pretty good turnaround on the trades and such, so they often show up earlier, whereas comics seem to go later. Go fig.

    I don’t know when it’ll show up in bookstores, though. That’s another distribution channel entirely, and one that’s not as simple to track. (I would only use Amazon’s dates if you can’t find anything else.)

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