Trailer park special edition: Fall’s new genre shows

The TV stations held their upfronts last week, giving advertisers (and viewers) their first look at fall’s new shows. So your first trailer park of the week is devoted to genre and genre-ajacent TV show trailers.

Up top, the biggest gun: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from Joss Whedon and the Disney/Marvel conglomerate, coming at you on ABC, Tuesdays at 8:00. And yes, there is already a push to abbreviate this as MAoS, so pass it on.

Note that yes, some of these are spoiling their show’s first episode, but love it or leave it, their main purpose is to sell ads.


In addition to S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC spins off Once Upon A Time with Once Upon a Time in Wonderland on Thursdays.

The dead come back to life in Resurrection, coming in the spring.

And it’s not (our) genre, but Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer stars in Killer Women. Midseason.


Lost’s Josh Holloway has the internet in his head, because LOL CBS. Midseason.

They’ve also recruited Sarah Michelle Geller to play Robin Williams’ daughter/straight woman in The Crazy Ones. Thursdays.


After the success of The Vampire Diaries and Arrow and Supernatural (yup, it’s still on,) the CW is going hog-wild with genre. On the plus side, you can probably count on most of these shows getting at least a full season even if the ratings flounder, because that tends to be how the CW rolls.

The Vampire Diaries aired a backdoor pilot for The Originals a few weeks back. It wasn’t that bad! I’m so over the TVD love triangle that I’ll take it, even if it means putting up with some serious Twilight shit. On the other hand… It airs Tuesday. Against S.H.I.E.L.D. Ouch.

You know Matt Lanter, right? He goes alien in Star-Crossed. Midseason.

Humans return to Earth after a century in The 100, and because it’s The CW, they’re all teenagers. Midseason.

The Tomorrow People is the closest you’re getting to an X-Men show… For now. After Arrow on Wednesdays.

And because Urban Outfitters’ RenFair is exactly how you expect the CW’s take on Mary Queen of Scots to look: Reign. Thursday after The Vampire Diaries.


Our first Bad Robot joint is the sci-fi drama Almost Human, from Fringe’s J.J. Wyman. It stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy and will debut in late fall on Monday.

Sleepy Hollow. No, seriously. Also Mondays.


Well… Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing Dracula is at least somewhat less laughable than him playing Henry VIII? NBC is pairing this with Grimm on Fridays, because of course they are.

Alas, they haven’t released the trailer for Believe (from J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cauron,) perhaps because it won’t debut until midseason. It’ll have a pretty plumb spot then, though: Sundays at 9.

Here’s the network TV schedule for fall if you’re really into planning ahead: Start dates for the shows will be released later.

You can start taking bets on who get canceled first; I’ll be back with the movie trailers tomorrow

3 Replies to “Trailer park special edition: Fall’s new genre shows”

  1. You know, I’m actually most excited about Sleepy Hollow. Seems like a blend of National Treasure, Life and – well – Sleepy Hollow, and I might just like that. Same goes for Dracula, though on a much lower level because vampires are boring as hell.

    As for Shield, it’s something I couldn’t care less about. The same with the DC characters might be something but those Marvel guys… Nope, not for me.

    And on a more general note: I’m really impressed by the production value of these shows. The stories couldn’t be more meh at times but the effects and the overall atmosphere is pretty amazing. Live action series, you may actually have a shot at getting made at some point. And Firefly 2 as well, hopefully. :-)

  2. Re: Aaron’s wish for “the same from DC”
    Did you ever read Gotham Central? I always thought it could make an interesting superhero-world procedural — it pitted ordinary cops and detectives in Gotham against it’s plethora of supervillains. The good capes were basically cameos while the regular folk had to do the heavy story lifting.

    Not too interested in vampire anything, personally, but I’m excited to see that Fringe chaser from Bad Robot!

  3. Seems like there’s a lot of genre on tap for next season on the networks. I’m going to have trouble narrowing down what I want to watch. Right now, for sure The Originals and MAoS. I don’t know what else.

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