Videos: Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars 2013

Star Wars Weekends began down in Orlando today, and you know what that means: Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars! Here are the first videos from this year, courtesy Inside the Magic.

Caution: Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake and Taylor Swift below the cut.

(Yes, there is more – but not enough – of ‘Trouble’ with Wookiee roars!)

And this is new:

9 Replies to “Videos: Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars 2013”

  1. Wow, at first I thought this was a joke. I didn’t realize this was something Disney was seriously doing. I am semi-speechless…

  2. This isn’t my thing, but man have the “Fun Police” come out in full force to cry about this online. You would think they were burning sacred effigies in the streets.

    1. This has been going on for years! And yes, it’s silly – but it’s harmless fun. What’s more Star Wars than that? This is far from the most serious franchise in the world. But certain areas of fandom will always need to remove the sticks from their bums.

  3. Ah, it’s this time of year again. Nice. :-) And BTW: I find it pretty fascinating how flexible that 3PO costume is, especially when compared with how little Tony Daniels was able to do in ANH. Progress has many faces. :-)

  4. Wait, people are mad about this? But they could just… not watch it, couldn’t they?

    (OMG are people kidnapping Star Wars fans and forcing them to watch youtube!? That is a disaster!)

    1. I did see more hand-wringing commentary in the vein of ‘Disney should be more careful with THE BRAND’ last night on Twitter than I have in past years. I’m sure I’d see some Kinect-style tantrums when/if I start digging.

      This is the SWW posters all over again: it’s not new and it’s serving exactly the purpose it’s supposed to do.

  5. Still better than the Holiday Special!

    I always find it hilarious to read meltdowns on how SW is being milked/exploited. It’s a franchise built from the ground up explicitly to be exploited like this!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Just the thing for a sick day. It managed to make me smile, despite how I feel. :)

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