Trailer park: How to Train Your Dragon 2

A quick, simple teaser from the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon does the job pretty stylishly. Below the cut, a few genre-ajacent trailers…

Disney makes a movie about Disney making a movie. Disneption?

Aaaand a comedy about a Jane Austen fantasy camp, because of course.

4 Replies to “Trailer park: How to Train Your Dragon 2”

  1. Going to Disneyland with Walt Disney? Count me in! :-)
    Seriously, though: I always found the Mary Poppins books to be deeply disturbing. And Mary Poppins isn’t a very likeable person. Disneyfying her was the best thing that could happen to her. Unlike Pocahontas.

  2. It’s a pity that Mary Poppins (Disney’s version, anyway) is probably never going to be allowed to go out of copyright, because I’d love to see the Doctor Who/Time Lady version.

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