Report: Last season of The Clone Wars out on Blu-ray/DVD in October?

Jedi News spotted a post by French fansite Hoth Bricks, who noticed that preorders for The Clone Wars Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD sets are currently live on Amazon France with a release date of October 16. It seems likely that they would be out that same week here in the U.S… I’d say the chances of us getting a release date announcement at Celebration Europe – along with any other The Clone Wars information – is more likely than ever.

There’s also a complete series set (Blu-ray/DVD) scheduled for the same date.

5 Replies to “Report: Last season of The Clone Wars out on Blu-ray/DVD in October?”

  1. that timeframe tracks with previous releases, and fits in with what Cary Silver mentioned back in January (before the cancellation was announced)

  2. Yeah, it totally does.

    It would be neat if the complete series box set contained the bonus content. Without the bonus content, it really isn’t the complete set, at least not what I would want from a complete set. If it did come with the bonus content, it would be pretty good incentive for me to buy the series again and give my extra discs to my little sister.

  3. Jason: i’d probably do something similar if that were the case – give out my season 1-4 sets and keep the complete set.

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