The Stooge is on the move: To Tumblr!

With the Star Wars Blogs in their final days, The Stooge has moved his Star Wars Joke-A-Day, a long-time staple of the Blogs, to Tumblr. So fans, be sure to either bookmark or, better yet, create an account and follow him!

Here a few other Star Wars Tumblrs you might want to follow to get started: Distracted by Star Wars, Professional Geek Girl, Star Wars Backstage, Retro Star Wars, Purple Lightsaber. And you can always poke around the tags to find other stuff you’ll like, though beware spoilers (and/or occasional random nudity.)

8 Replies to “The Stooge is on the move: To Tumblr!”

  1. Sorry Paula! But of all my options, Tumblr was the best showcase for my occasional random nudity.

  2. Put enough of Mary’s drinks into them, I’m sure we could find a whole bunch!

    (Again. My brain….)

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