When can we expect The Last Jedi’s next trailer?

It seems like half the fandom is (understandably!) chomping at the bit for the next trailer for The Last Jedi. But, if the past is anything to go on, we still likely have nearly a month to go.

There’s a lot of speculation out there that we’ll see our next trailer during the Monday Night Football game on October 16. The main reasoning for this? It’s exactly what happened with The Force Awakens in 2015.

UPDATE: Mark Hamill tweeted – and quickly deleted – that fans should tune into the MNF game on October 9. That’s a week earlier than expected, but still well with the wheelhouse. Now he says he has no idea. What is the truth, Mark?

In any case, October is still our best bet. Two months out is about the very earliest you’ll see movie tickets go on sale.

The point of picking Monday Night Football – it’s a huge audience, a huge mainstream audience, who might not follow fan blogs or even general entertainment publications like Entertainment Weekly. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in Star Wars. They’re just not bogged down in the minutia like we are. They might not buy their tickets that very night, but it puts the idea in their minds. Advertising! (And yes, it airs on ESPN these days, and ESPN is, like Lucasfilm, a Disney joint.)

Rogue One went about things a little differently – although they did release a trailer and poster mid-October (on Good Morning America) tickets didn’t go on sale until a few weeks out. So that’s another possible route.

But I think we’re more likely to see The Last Jedi follow The Force Awakens‘ template. We’ll get some advance notice, likely in the form of a poster release a day or so beforehand. There will be some brief teaser clips throughout the day Monday, from Good Morning America and the like. The trailer itself will probably air around halftime, with tickets going on sale shortly thereafter.

None of this is guaranteed – it’s still speculation, and will be until we hear from the official folks. And as Rogue One proves, they don’t need to coordinate trailer release with ticket sales. But I do think expecting a new trailer any earlier than October is setting yourself up for disappointment. And remember – once the media blitz starts, it starts. The international trailer, dozens of commercials… Even we might start to get sick of it. We’re just under three months out from the movie – focus on that. For now. The blitz will be on us soon enough.

In the meantime, we’re not exactly bereft – we already have one trailer and a behind-the-scenes featurette (check out the stills!) and so much minutia.

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