The trailer is not on Monday Night Football to reach us


Scott Mendelson has some wisdom on why the big trailer debut tonight is happening during Monday Night Football – because it’s not just for us. Because, face it, we’re already hooked. They could drop this thing anywhere and we’d find it. They want – they need – to reach the people who haven’t been hanging on every piece of Star Wars news. We already know about the poster and teasers, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t. A lot of people who – despite liking Star Wars – maybe haven’t even seen both the previous trailers. They’re running the trailer during halftime of one of the most-watched events on TV to reach more than us.

Meanwhile, tickets are already on sale in the U.K., and they’re bringing down websites.

Since we’re talking about the trailer, here’s a reminder that I’ll be on The Trailer Council with several other fansite/podcasting people soon after the trailer drops.

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    1. No one is really denying that there are? This article was a reaction to folks on the geek side being cranky about MNF, and those divisions still run deep. I admit I’m not super fond of it myself, but mainly because of the timing issue. Still, I’ve watched some crappy football in my time (ahem, Lions) and I’d rather watch football than, say, Dancing With the Stars.

      1. As always, you are a moderate voice in this Dunc. I guess I’m just mistified that so many people seem to be cranky about it and the underlying assumption some of the cranky people are making that football and genre fandom are somehow like oil and water which they are not.

        Your Lions cannot match the lifetime of disappointment my Chargers have brought, but at least that’s likely to end soon.

        1. IDK, the Lions are pretty bad, but Lions fans are at least partially resigned to that. But I’ve never been emotionally invested in them, I just hear a lot of stuff.

  1. Considering my entire fantasy football league has Star Wars themed team names this year, I’d say there are plenty of sci-fi and sports fans out there :) And both the Eagles and the Giants are playing better than my Ravens this season…

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