The jig is up!

Shut the blog down, everyone go home – Andrey Summers has outed us all: Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. (via Fandom Lounge)

2 Replies to “The jig is up!”

  1. That was brilliant!!! I think that’s true of every fandom, though. I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t have a very huge and vocal contingent who hangs out on boards and the like just to say how [creator, author, film director, dubbers] ruined everything by [not pairing X couple, pairing X couple, not sticking to canon, not making it different enough from canon]. ‘Cause what could be more fun than spending hours a day on something you hate?

  2. To paraphrase a friend of mine, the more I deal with Star Wars fandom, the more it’s like a bad redneck romance – constantly flipping between “I love you so much!” and “Baby, why you gotta make me hit you?”

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