Leaked Tempest

Hot on the heels of the Bloodlines preview, JacenSol0 on the TFN boards found what’s believed to be the jacket text for Troy Denning’s Tempest, the third book of Legacy of the Force, on U.K. bookstore site.

Because this is a lot more detailed than the previous blurbs, I’ve spoilered it. Highlight the text in the box below to read:

As the stand-off between the Galactic Alliance and its rebellious member states erupts into full-blown battle, the new Corellian leadership develops a desperate plan to draw the Hapan Consortium into the war on their side. But, the plot poses a moral quandry for Han and Leia Solo, who cannot abide deliberately spreading the war any more than they can the murder of the Hapan Queen Mother, ex-Jedi Knight Tenel Ka. Taking it upon themselves to save her life – and that of her young daughter, Allana – the Solos set in motion a firestorm of confusion and mayhem that will pit children against parents, bring Luke Skywalker into battle with his foremost nemesis, and leave them at the mercy of one of the Jedi’s oldest and most deadly enemies.

I’m not sure if this is official, so take it with a grain of salt.