Neuroscience explains the prequel backlash?

io9 today links an interesting exploration of Neuroscience and Nostalgia. Included is a bit about why the prequels sparked a wave of Lucas hate:

The reaction can be partly explained by the sense of attack on our previously fond feelings. Watching the new movie automatically calls up memories from the previous series and all the pleasant childhood playtime memories associated with it. But recalling these fond memories in the context of a negative experience begins the process of re-coding, or modifying our old memories. This is an undesirable outcome for nostalgia as it is usually such a pleasant feeling. Naturally there is some resistance and cognitive dissonance when this happens and the brain will try to avoid it like any other unpleasant experience.

So, George Lucas did rape your childhood… From a certain point of view. Ouch.

Alas, it really can’t explain why I spent the late 90’s calling for the head of Kevin J. Anderson… Or does it? We all have our demons, I suppose.

We mock because we love

lolinternets.jpgI know the internet is circular, but this is ridiculous: TheForce.Net discovers 2005. Err, The Complex and Terrifying Reality of Star Wars Fandom, aka Star Wars Fans Hate Star Wars, perhaps the most popular tongue-in-cheek fandom commentary of the last few years.

Full disclosure: we didn’t blog it until 2006, when it really started to blow up big in the halls of fandom. Still, the fact that there are people out in fandom who still haven’t seen it yet kinda scares me… And that there are people who take it seriously even more so. It’s always clearly felt like a parody to me, but what could I possibly know about pointing and laughing at fandom?