‘Star Wars fans hate Star Wars’ explained

“The Complex and Terrifying Reality of Star Wars Fandom” author Andrey Summers responds.

His hate mail is hilarious. Oh, fandom. I have a faint hope that one day many of you will remove that pole from your collective asses. Please don’t prove me wrong.

4 Replies to “‘Star Wars fans hate Star Wars’ explained”

  1. Wow, that was a great article. Especially the last two paragraphs.

    *sigh* Fandom…

  2. Wait. There were people who didn’t realize he was being tongue-in-cheek? O.o

    Oh, *fandom,* indeed.

  3. Are there so few actual adults left in Star Wars fandom? My fervent hope is that the people who got it (and who laughed because, damn, it’s true) were merely silent and didn’t write him.

    Still…doesn’t show us in a very good light, does it?

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