The Force Awakens character names revealed!

Lucasfilm and Entertainment Weekly have paired up to give us character names from The Force Awakens – in trading card form. Daisy Ridley is Rey, John Boyega is Finn and Oscar Isaac plays Poe Dameron. The ball droid is BB-8 (which I’m guessing is pronounced/abbreviated as ‘Bebe,’) and our mysterious villain is Kylo Ren. The card numbers have some significance as well – a mystery to chew on… In addition to Finn and Rey’s last names.

This also puts to bed a popular theory that Gwendoline Christie could be playing the character we now know as Kylo Ren, referring to “his lightsaber.”

UPDATE: One fan has already done the matchwork: Rey, Poe and BB line up nicely, Kylo not so much… Unless… Threepio?!?

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  1. Awesome! Character names! But what I really want to is did they change the style for X-wing? That capital W is making my eye twitch.

      1. FWIW: product sometimes follows its own rules due to trademark reasons. That’s why you’ll see Lightsaber, Droid, and Stormtrooper capitalized on product while you won’t see it in body copy in a book, for example.

        1. Thanks. I assumed this was coming from you guys because of the way the EW article was written. But I guess this is more like Dunc said–a reflection of the old Topps style. (Should have gone with “light sabre” in that case.) :) Sorry for the detour from the main news.

    1. Glad to see the end of that one… I would have been able to live with it, but it seemed so overused even before the rumors.

      I’m also very relieved that there’s no ‘Deak’ in the mix. Yet, anyway.

  2. Kira would have always reminded me of that character from Deep Space Nine, so I’m glad it’s gone.

    The only question left: Is it Rey Solo or Rey Skywalker?

    1. Perhaps neither, if the rumors are half-true… (I’ll leave it at that for the spoiler-free folks)

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