The Clone Wars: Sam Witwer to voice Darth Maul? reports that Sam Witwer, who portrayed Starkiller in The Force Unleashed series and voiced Son in the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars, is returning to the show to voice Darth Maul. The first reports of the Being Human‘s star coming back to the show came from an interview at Dragon*Con by Star Wars Report, where Witwer confirmed that he will be doing a character new to him, and recounts:

Dave Filoni calls me up, gets me on the phone, and he says, “Listen, so we want you to come back to work and we need you to play…” and he tells me the character’s name. And I almost had a car accident. And he says, “Can you do it?” And I’m like yes. And then I worried about later whether I could do it or not. But I was like yes, yes, I will do that. So it is a tremendous opportunity and I can’t wait for you guys to find out about it.

Until we get official word, it’s just a rumor that he’ll play Darth Maul, (who was previously announced as returning next spring) – but an exciting one at that.

Meanwhile, Slate has done an article for parents on how to sound intelligent when you talk to your kids about The Clone Wars. Basically, it sorts out that everything you know about Star Wars from the original trilogy has been turned on its head: Clonetroopers and the Republic are good, while the rebellious Separatists are evil. Not a whole lot on knowing who the show’s original characters are – Ahsoka barely gets mentioned, and I think Rex doesn’t even get mentioned. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably well ahead of the people who need to refer to the Slate article for help.

Always feel bummed about contests that are for US residents only? Well, here are two different chances to win Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Three DVD and Blu-ray sets: SFX is giving away the Blu-rays and Entertainment Focus is giving away the DVDs – for people in the United Kingdom.

9 Replies to “The Clone Wars: Sam Witwer to voice Darth Maul?”

  1. I’d rather Peter Serafinowicz voiced Maul but I can see them using Witwer because he’d be cheaper.

  2. Mike: While I don’t know if Serafinowicz would be cheaper (though the travel budget certainly would be),having the original voice of Darth Maul would be cooler. While Witwer has voice acting talent (not only did he do Starkiller in TFU, he also did the voice of the Emperor), there’s a certain cool to getting the movie actors to reprise their role in TCW, like when Liam Neeson and Pernilla August did last season.

  3. Thanks for the link Tracy!
    I could see both Serafinowicz and Witwer doing a fabulous job. Not that Maul gets very many lines anyway.

  4. Well nothing at all is confirmed regarding Witwer and Darth Maul. I’ve spoken to Adrienne over at Sam’s official site and she tells me that the character he’s portraying doesn’t hit until season 5, later next year. We know Maul turns up around the time of the TPM 3D release, so we can’t assume he’s playing Maul just yet.
    Incidentally I’m waiting on confirmation from Peter Serafinowicz’s agent as to whether or not it was Peter who’s voiced the character for the show. As soon as I know, you’ll know.

  5. linked (via RSS – I have no idea where this shit lives anymore) a post from Comic Book Movie last night that’s going off the same Nuke the Fridge report James links. Is that intended to be a confirmation? Beats me.

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