The Clone Wars just don’t stop coming

Episode commentary from Dave Filoni on ‘Ambush’ and ‘Rising Malevolence.’ Missed the episodes? They’re rerunning Sunday at 9, Wednesday at 7, or on iTunes right now.

I seem to have missed a Filoni interview last week as well. ….And now three new trailers. Saturday what?

And don’t forget to get your vote in!

6 Replies to “The Clone Wars just don’t stop coming”

  1. Cool, cool.

    I looked to check the schedule and–goodness gracious, have you seen the home page recently? It’s like this is all they care about any more. The menu’s in Aurebesh, for crying out loud.

    Not that I’m complaining. :)

    I like the promo that aired during the premiere that referred to this as the “best show ever.” Haha.

  2. Kudos to everyone involved — the show is downright terrific, CN’s promo producers deserve raises, and TOS has been delivering tons of goodness lately. What a great weekend!

  3. I’d just like to say that I was re-watching this, and I love Dave Filoni rambling on about how Rugosa is not Toydoria, nor that closely related, but is merely a neutral moon located relatively close to Toydaria.

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