The Clone Wars is over for now, but hey! DVDs!

And so the first season of The Clone Wars ended on Friday with a ‘Hostage Crisis’. Dave Filoni talks about bounty hunters in the episode commentary, and Bonnie interviews Corey Burton, who voices Cad Bane, Count Dooku and Ziro the Hutt. And don’t forget about the S2 preview!

Celebrate Windu Wednesday with some The Clone Wars reviews

What’s the word on last week’s episode of The Clone Wars? We’ve heard from Stooge in his guest review here on Club Jade that “‘Liberty on Ryloth’ is as good as it gets”, and here’s what the other voices in the online world have to say:

And preparing us for this week’s finale episode “Hostage Crisis”, Dave Filoni talks up the new villain, the Duros gunslinger, Cad Bane.

The Clone Wars: Mace Windu, Catcher in the Ryloth! has a couple updates related to last Friday’s episode of The Clone Wars: “Liberty on Ryloth”, wrapping up the three-part Ryloth arc. Mace Windu teamed up with a Twi’lek resistance leader, Cham Syndulla, to help overtake the Separatists controlling the capital. Here’s a few tidbits to hold you over until the Club Jade review gets posted:

And gearing up for the big season finale, we get a video preview and preview episode guide of “Hostage Crisis” with bounty hunters taking over the Senate. Ziro the Hutt’s back!