The Airing of Grievances: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Dec 17-23

As the tyranny of the holiday season comes to an end, Santa Maul has taken time from his busy schedule to present to you the best tweets of the week. They are full of anger and rage and the Star Wars Holiday Special, as is only fitting. May your holiday be victorious.

Best #StarWars tweets for Dec 17-23

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Watched the Star Wars Holliday Special last night. Spent all this morning drinking rum and crying. #swag #StarWarsMr. Gavin
Watching a bootleg of the #StarWars Holiday Special, and my brain is slowly melting.Vance Kotrla
So this decade may see a new Star Wars trilogy everyone loves and Lord of the Rings prequels everyone hates? Chew on THAT one, Internet.Rich Monahan
… and the best #holiday card of the year award goes to Mr. @dave_filoni! #starwars Martin
The car in front of us has the license plate "LITESBR" I don’t even have to meet them to know they’re cool. #StarWarsChristian Grant
One quarter of my geeky tree skirt: #StarWars Ratcliffe

So… the world didn’t end.

"December 22, 2012: Earth survives. Coincidentally, Death Star powers up laser." #Mayans #StarWarsDarth Vader
Lost in all of this Mayan calendar deal is the fact that George Lucas threw everything off when he sent Indiana Jones hunting with his kid.Bryan Jones
BREAKING: Mayan Apocalypse delayed due to curiosity about how next Star Wars trilogy will pan out #starwars #twittomahamza Alioua
I heard the Mayans were right and the apocalypse actually happened, but George Lucas went back and digitally removed it.eric kwun
"Everyone on Alderaan made plenty of jokes about the Mayan apocalypse too. #Apocalypse2012 #StarWars"Dakota Booth

Episode VII / Disney

Hey everybody, let’s start a rumor that @glenmazzara is leaving #TheWalkingDead because he’s going to direct #StarWars VII.Kristina Meek
Disney has completed its acquisition of Lucasfilm. Wonder if ILM’ers have to go through Disney University orientation.David S. Cohen
I didn’t think the LucasFilm/Disney deal would yield new stuff so quickly. I’m so hyped to see this new Django Fett movie.Phil Theobald
The increased interest in #StarWars due to #SWEpisodeVII has taught me this: any old news or interesting fact can be rehashed as new!Cole Horton
My dad just said he’s gunna wait to watch the new #StarWars til it comes out on VHS… I think he has the wrong decade..Abby Taylor
I still have unanswered questions about Disney buying Lucasfilm. Like, will Skywalker Ranch be renamed the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?Yoshi Gundersson

Expanded Universe

I just hope whoever is cast as Winter can really deliver the unspoken yet obvious sexual tension required for scenes w/ Tim Rose’s puppet.Pablo Hidalgo
You know, in retrospect, it’s pretty awful that the characters IN the Star Wars expanded universe commented on how repetitive the plots wereYadre Nightwalker
I think it’s more accurate to say that a majority of #StarWars fans want congruity, not continuity.Erin
If my mom’s going to include religious pamphlets in her holiday cards, I’m going to start sending her Star Wars Expanded Universe novels.Brandon Bird
And I asked a question…
QotD: Are there any #SWEU planets/locations you’d like to see in #EpisodeVII?Dunc
@clubjade Ebola 9. The virus planet!Brian
@clubjade but seriously, Corellia or Kessel.Brian
@clubjade Korriban and the Valley of the Dark Lords #SWEU #EpisodeVIIDean Edwards
@clubjade The Maw, Korriban, or Corellia #sweu #episodeviipaul depaola
@clubjade The Errant Venture. #wonthappen #stillmaybeasimilarlocationShoshana B
@clubjade Korriban, Ossus (pre/post vongformed), Corellia, Mandalore (Traviss books style, not CW crap) The Maw, Corellia & Cato NeimoidiaBaz Ring
@clubjade AGAMAR.roaratorio
@clubjade darthomir! And the nightsister!Meg Riley
@clubjade Corellia and Nar ShaddaaTraven Dunn
@clubjade I’d love to see Hapes.Bria
@clubjade realistically: corellia, hapes, and coruscant’s lowest levels. unrealistically: zonama sekot.Nic

Star Wars life

I wanted to comment "only a sith deals in absolutes" but he wouldn’t have got it #starwars #whatplaysinmyhead Jones
Trying to pull down winter clothes from the top closet shelf, had to move Clone Trooper helmets first. #geekproblems #StarWarsMandy
If you are trying to woo me and open a conversation with a #StarWars reference, you just might be in.Brittany Kolody-Dyke
Not a fan of the new $20 bills. They don’t feel like cash. Feels like we’re 1 step away from cred chips. #starwars #toofuturistic?Imy B.
The wind chimes outside of my house this morning were chiming the imperial march, awesome. #starwarsPhilip R. Dunn
When I found out I was out of coffee this morning I let out a "noooo" that George Lucas would be proud of.Tristan Meyer
I didn’t know Chewbacca had his own brand of cheese! #starwars Y
Humming #StarWars in the car because driving in snow makes me feel like I’m making the jump to hyperspace. #PunchItChewieGEEKSOAP
There’s a guy sat behind me talking a different language on the phone and I’m certain he just said "di wana wanga" #starwarsRob Gower
I introduced my 5 yr old to Star Wars. He’s now asking more questions than a theology student. Luckily, I have answers. #starwarsScott Thompson


"Admiral, when you’re done finding the rebel base, help me with my catheter." #Monday #StarWarsDarth Vader
I hate small talk, unless I am literally talking about dwarfs, midgets or ewoks.Jizz I am

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