Ten years of The Phantom Menace

Tuesday marks ten years of The Phantom Menace… Ten years! It seems like much longer… Or shorter, I suppose. I’m ‘celebrating’ by finally reading Darths & Droids, which is actually a lot more fascinating that I thought it would be. (Just got to the AOTC parts and it’s hilarious.) Those looking for a less time-consuming memory tweaker can enjoy Popcorn Monster’s Top 10 Memories of Anticipating The Phantom Menace.

Anyway, the question of the week, how did you see the movie?

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  1. Geez this makes me feel old. I wish Hollywood would come up with something that could make me feel as excited for a movie release as this did.

  2. I like this re-examination of TPM. It really was a magical time. Just having new Star Wars was so exciting. And people were really content for a while.

  3. Exactly, it was so amazing to think that after sixteen years, we would be receiving the OFFICIAL next installment of the franchise, books and comics be damned… this was to be new Star Wars from the man who created it. What more could we have asked for at the time?

    The way that Lucas and his ad team handled the whole affair was remarkable really. TPM likely is the origin of the modern Hollywood hype machine. Whether that is good or bad is wholly up for debate.

  4. Regarding the hype, I think Lucas in his team set themselves up for a huge disappointment. They later on repeatedly said it was just a movie, but the teaser, the trailer, the whole ad campaign promised much, much more (somewhere between the second coming of Jesus and peace and happiness for all mankind). Big mistage imo.

    Anyway, I saw the film at midnight on August 19th. August? Yes, August, since in Germany that’s when it finally opened. ;-)
    And BTW that first time I hated TPM. 2nd time it was great, 3rd was beyond amazing. TPM forever!
    Oh, and a re-release of the whole saga would be nice. Perhaps somewhere before 2017? :-)

  5. I was going to wait a few weeks to beat the crowds, but a couple of buddies who knew I liked Star Wars–I was almost the only Star Wars fan I knew of at the time–insisted I go with them at the last minute. Well, we sat in the very front row, all the way to one side. I loved the movie but my neck hurt for about two weeks.

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