It is only logical to assume you an angel

In the midst of some typical Trek oldbie wank, a moment of sheer genius is revealed: Vulcan pick up lines. A sample:

“Cadet Uhura, might I inquire as to whether or not you suffered physical discomfort upon falling to Earth? Also, it would be prudent to alert your superiors that one of their ranks has recently gone missing.”


2 Replies to “It is only logical to assume you an angel”

  1. Y’know, Trek has been down to the hardcore for so long, it has to be traumatic to have all these newbies come in.

    And I’m thinking there were many, many Star Wars fans who had the same reactions when the Prequels came out. (Oh, wait. There were!)

    People are resistant to change. And Trek fans who should be following IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combinations) are particularly amusing.

  2. I laughed so hard that I had trouble breathing for a few moments.

    That wank was delicious, too. Very high protein. I was waiting “damn kids, always on my lawn!” wank, and fandom didn’t let me down.

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