Kemp posts a Crosscurrent teaser

Paul S. Kemp has posted a brief, rough passage from his upcoming Star Wars novel, Crosscurrent, on his Livejournal. Here’s a taste:

He sped around the planet, outpacing its spin, chasing the day, until he saw the system’s star crest the horizon line.

“Put us in geosynchronous, R-6,” he said, and the droid complied.

Head on over for a few more paragraphs. (It gets meatier.)

Kemp strolls into Bookspot central

Bookspot Central breaks in a brand-new interview feature by talking to Paul S. Kemp about getting into Star Wars, including some words of wisdom from Mike Stackpole:

At this last GenCon I met Mike Stackpole and asked him about his experiences writing Star Wars. He didn’t offer direct advice either, but he said if you write a good book, the fans will love you forever. Write a bad one, and there will be hell to pay.

Wherever would he get an idea like that? (via)

Kemp clarifies setting of Jaden Korr novel

Yesterday, Sue Rostoni indicated that Paul S. Kemp’s Jaden Korr novel (we really need a name for this thing) was set during the Great Hyperspace War, events which happen several centuries before the birth of his protagonist. On his Livejournal, Kemp explains:

I don’t want to give away major plot points, but in an effort to lessen some of the confusion, I will say this: The novel does contain a scene or scenes that take place during The Great Hyperspace War, and scenes that take place in the present, post LotF period, and the plot of the novel turns on the (I hope interesting) way that past and present intersect.

So I’m seeing something in the vein of Outbound Flight/Survivor’s Quest, if they were one book. Capiche?

Infodrop: Sue Rostoni on the new contract

Sue posts furthur details about the upcoming books on her blog. The relevant (new!) information…

  • Fate of the Jedi #1: “Luke and Ben attempt to follow Jacen’s previous journey in the hopes of discovering what and how various Force-using groups influenced him to accept and use dark side powers.”
  • The Clone Wars: Wild Space: Stars Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa! (Did we already know this?)
  • Blood Oath: Takes place just after we last see Zekk, Dave Seeley is doing the cover!
  • Joe Schreiber’s horror novel: Set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.
  • Paul S. Kemp’s Jaden Korr book: Takes place during the… Great Hyperspace War? Well, I’m confused. UPDATE: Kemp clarifies.
  • Alex Irvine’s novel will star Nomi Sunrider!
  • The paperback by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff features “a promising holostar – a rags to riches story set against the backdrop of the early days of the Rebellion.” (Fan speculation/wishful thinking is pegging the holostar as Wynssa Starflare.)

Poll results: Anticipating the new publishing contract

Behold, the next three years of Star Wars publishing, ranked by CJ readers. Most of you seem to be looking forward to Fate of the Jedi: This poll also got more votes than the second, 172 to 143. Of the second poll, which asked you to choose from among the rest of the new contract’s fiction (at least those that we have some detail on) the clear winners were those that have established fanbases: Cunningham’s Blood Oath, featuring charter member of the Jaina Solo harem, Zekk; Irvine’s Knights of the Old Republic novel, set just before the popular games; Traviss’ Imperial Commando; and Drew Karpyshyn’s third Darth Bane novel. The rest are certain to see their stock rise as we get more details.

Poll: So we already know you want FOTJ…

The response to our Fate of the Jedi poll was pretty clear: Most of you (58%) are sure to be reading it, 24% are waiting to hear more before you decide, and only 19% have given up entirely (and/or were never big EU readers to begin with.) I’ll make a pretty pie chart after we finish our latest poll, though: Which of the other upcoming novels tickle your fancy the most? Vote below the cut or on the sidebar. Continue reading “Poll: So we already know you want FOTJ…”

The next three years in Star Wars publishing

Well, after starting an avalanche of reveals last week, gives us a lowdown of the new publishing contract (so far.) Some of it we already know: Fate of the Jedi, Blood Oath, The Clone Wars. As for reveals…

  • Blood Oath features… Zekk! Still not dead.
  • Christie Golden’s Star Wars debut in summer ’09 will be titled Fate of the Jedi: Enigma.
  • Karen Traviss’ Imperial Commando series will be in paperback, and the first book is 501st, also due next summer.
  • Winter ’09 brings another (horror!?!) standalone from a new author, Joe Schreiber.
  • And a guide to Vader published by Becker & Mayer, who handled last year’s Vault.
  • Drew Karpyshyn’s third Bane novel (hardcover, natch) will appear in early 2010, as will Kemp’s standalone.
  • Fall 2010 bring a Star Wars craft book by Bonnie Burton.

  • And another new-to-us author, Alex Irvine, tackles the ancient Jedi.
  • For 2011 expect Traviss’ Boba Fett standalone in paperback.
  • And another PB from Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

A new author reveals himself: Paul S. Kemp

On his Livejournal, Forgotten Realms author Paul S. Kemp has revealed that he too will be writing an upcoming (2010) Star Wars novel:

The novel, currently untitled, will be a standalone, occurs after the events of the Legacy of the Force series, and will feature a Jedi who has been mentioned by name only a handful of times in previous Star Wars novels, and who has (as far as I know) never been developed at all (I tried very hard to convince the Del Rey editors to allow me to use a previously unused character, and they were gracious in that regard; the story is also entirely of my own creation, so that’s pretty cool, too).

The plot thickens! (via)